Booking and Cancellation Policy

Ecoisla Fuerteventura Tours Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation by you must be initiated by telephone to the Ecoisla Fuerteventura office at (+34) 928856949 (+34) 616944550 OR by email to We will acknowledge your cancellation by email.

In certain cases you may be eligible to receive a full or partial refund depending upon:
• the number days of prior to the start of the tour your cancellation request is received.
– If the cancellation is within 24 hours before, you only receive a refund of 50% of total price.
– In case of cancel within 48 hours before, we’ll refund 100%.

We have the right to cancel the tour as a consequence of force majeure. In this case, Ecoisla Fuerteventura will refund the 100% you have paid for your tour.

Force Majeure includes impersonal events such as strikes, volcanoes or extreme weather that makes it dangerous or impossible to safely undertake the tour. The determination of what constitutes ‘Force Majeure’ is at the discretion of Ecoisla Fuerteventura.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our cancellation policy.


All experiences are shared. They only will be undertaken in private with the payment of the corresponding supplement of “Private Experience”.
PRIVATE EXPERIENCE. We remind you that all experiences are shared up to 8 pax. In the event that you and your companions wish to enjoy the tour in a completely private manner. You must notify during ou booking process.
Punctuality is recommended at the beginning of the experience to optimize the time of the itinerary.
After 10 minutes of the scheduled time of departure at the pick-up point, the customer absence will be considered as a cancellation of the contracted services, being this sufficient reason to apply the corresponding cancellation policy.

– Minimum number of participants: 2 pax.
– Maximum number of participants: up to 8 pax.

Ecoisla Fuerteventura reserves the right to change the course of the itineraries due to climatic conditions, in cases of force majeure or due to conditions beyond our control.

Please, notify to Ecoisla Fuerteventura in sufficient time any specific requirements and any particular restrictions such us diets, allergies and mobility problems. Ecoisla Fuerteventura absolves itself of any liability relating to the lack of communication of any of the above cases.

Price includes: an accredited official guide in Spanish, English and German, transport, pick-up & drop-off at your accommodation, accident and civil liability insurance of the vehicle and passengers and taxes -IGIC-.
There are different prices depend on the number of participants: